Hollywood Meets African Partners’ Storytelling

ThinSpace hosts its monthly Leadership Insight Meetings, designed to amplify the leadership capabilities of our African partners, enabling them to lead more effectively. In line with this goal, we frequently invite leaders from various fields to share their insights. This week, we had the privilege of hosting two esteemed Hollywood professionals: Rev. Kim Door and Professor Sean Gaffney.

Kim Door, the Executive Pastor at Bel Air Church in Los Angeles, is renowned for her exceptional storytelling skills. Professor Sean Gaffney, a distinguished storyteller and former Story Administrator at Warner Bros., currently serves as the Associate Dean for the School of Communication Arts and as a professor of screenwriting and academic leadership at Asbury University.

Together, Kim and Sean led a captivating discussion titled “The Power of Storytelling and How to Improve Your Skills in It.” They shared with our partners the significance of embracing the stories of change and transformation that their ministries bring to their communities. They also highlighted how storytelling can be a powerful instrument, inviting others to join in their impactful work. The partners enjoyed this conversation so much that Kim and Sean will be back to continue the conversation about storytelling in August. 

We are so grateful to Kim and Sean for generously sharing their expertise, as it perfectly aligns with ThinSpace’s mission to empower African leaders.