Empowering Ugandan Pastors: Teaching the Parables and Bearing Fruits

For 15 years, ThinSpace Africa’s founders, Sandy and Will Bredberg, have traveled to Uganda to lead an annual conference for pastors and local church leaders. Their mission: to empower these leaders to independently understand scriptures, enhance their ability to teach their congregations, and provide them with new insights and materials for ministry.

Will’s consistent teachings of the scriptures and Sandy’s coordination with the local communities have created a community of leaders who invite other to join the movement. The numbers multiplied, and this summer’s gathering saw a remarkable turnout of around 2000 pastors across four locations.

This dedicated time to dive into God’s word has been a profound blessing for leaders and then to the churches and communities they then teach and lead.

The parables shared during this conference resonate deeply with Uganda’s rural communities, making it easier for local church leaders to convey essential spiritual lessons. Will’s teachings not only enriched their understanding of these stories but also provided invaluable insights into leadership, humility, and how to become pastors who guide with love and compassion.