Urgent Needs and Large Projects

Needs and Projects that are Outside of Budget

Before the beginning of each year our African partners work diligently on their annual budgets and submit them to us for review. Like any organizational budget they contain all of the expected income from grants, gifts, and income from operations (partial tuitions, agricultural sales, patient receipts, etc.) Annual expenses are also outlined such as salaries, operating expenses and depreciation of assets. They also price out larger capital projects and prioritize those projects in order of importance. 

Because of the nature of what they do unexpected emergencies
always arise and large projects get delayed.

Whether it be a fire, lightening strike or a student's family unable to pay the basic tuition, these needs are pressing.

Here, you'll discover an opportunity to partner with us to address eight specific needs, along with one major undertaking: the reconstruction of the boys' orphanage dormitory that was destroyed in a fire in 2022.

Sewing Machine

A Sewing Machine

Manual "Singer": $300

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Purchase a Machine

$300 is what it costs to replace one sewing machine that is used inthe vocational school. The classes are typically mostly disadvantaged women and there are 25 - 30 manual sewing machines in one class.
Broken machines are scavenged for parts. 


Fuel & Firewood

1 Year Supply: $714

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Cooking For a Year

Your contribution of $714 will provide firewood and charcoal - the fuel that used for cooking daily meals at Noah's Arc in Uganda. Several hundred children are fed 7 days a week.

Vocational 2

Vocational Training

Auto Mechanic Toolkits: $500

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Invest in Skills

Toolkits are an essential part of the auto mechanic's vocational training held each term in Bunia, Congo. By providing these toolkits, you're not just investing in equipment; you're investing in the future of the students who learn a valuable trade.

_Medical Treatment Africa (Stock picture) (1)

HIV/AIDS Treatment

Treatment 1 year: $280

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Sponsor a Child

Your donation of $280 provides one year of vital medical care, medication, and holistic health support for one vulnerable child.

_Peace Conference 2

Peace Conference

Ranges from: $4,000 - $5,000

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Support a Conference

Join us and stand for peace, as you contribute to support a Peace Conference in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We bring together hundreds of tribal leaders and members to foster peace and reconciliation in this war-torn province. 4 - 5 conferences in different locations are held each year.


Clothes & Bedding

For 92 Orphans: $7,800

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Clothing Orphaned Children

Your contribution twards the $7,800 goal will provide clothing and bedding for 92 orphaned children under the care of Bringing Hope to the Family. For us and our partners, each even small donation is like a stitch in the fabric of hope in lives of the children we care for.


Classroom Sponsor

Classroom for 1 Month $2,250

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Sponsor a Classroom

$2250 is the average cost for one of our partners' schools to educate a classroom of students. The price of course varies by grade level and class size but the future it provides the children is priceless.


Church/School Rebuild

Needed for both: $6,000

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Building Hope

With just a portion of our $3,000 goal, you can help rebuild a church, and another $3,000 will restore a school that was destroyed by militia groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Schools and churches are so important for communities ravaged by conflicts and wars. Your contribution won't just rebuild structures; it will rebuild lives and bring renewed hope. When a church and a school are built, families displaced by violence typically have the hope to return home.


Unexpected tragedy...

It was early Wednesday morning, on February 16, 2022, when a devastating fire destroyed the dormitory of 50 children and teenager boys under the care of our partners, Bringing Hope to the Family.

Miraculously, all the precious students were saved, but they lost everything they had. Everything: Their beds and their mattresses. Their clothing and their toys. Their school supplies and their bibles. It is also so sad that some of them even lost the only pictures they had of their deceased parents. They will never be able to see their faces again.

Since then, they have been sleeping in a cramped storage room, and the group has grown to over 80 kids as Bringing Hope refuses to leave any vulnerable child behind without care. Now, we have a chance to make a difference.

You Can Make A Difference

A new building that will house 100 kids is underway, but we need your help. The cost is high - about $100,000. Generous donors have already pledged about $10,000, but we need more. Join us in creating a home for these kids who have faced extreme poverty and lost their home.

Be a part of ThinSpace's mission and help build a new home for these children. Every dollar counts and will not only help construct a physical home but also rebuild the lives of 100 boys, giving them hope for a brighter future.

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